Ceriann Parkhouse - Psychic & Card Reader, Spiritual Energy Healer & Photographer & Geo Empath + Empath
Ceriann Parkhouse   -  Psychic & Card  Reader, Spiritual Energy Healer& Photographer  & Geo Empath + Empath  

Here you will find newcomers who are joining Quint Essential Oracle to help others through their experiences and knowledge.


Deanna Salisbury

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 Nameste and welcome! I am Deanna and i am here to help all in any way I'm able.
My gifts are many and labels make me uncomfortable however for our mission, I'll break out of my comfort zone ?
I'm 45, a leo born during the lions gate opening! (8/8/1971!) I'm married, collectively we have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and many "adopted" children we love and cherish. Most of my life I've felt out of place, odd, weird, lonely and somewhat lost. Always have had an awareness of spirits. As a child much of my time was spent in the yard by my favorite tree, chattering away with the squirrels that lived in it. (Sadly that tree was cut down last year ?
People always thought I was a snob as I tended to keep to myself. 
I've worked in the service industry much of my life. From age 12 I had a job until about 2006 when I sunk into a deep debilitating depression. I was an addict for many years. Then, on March 5, 2009 I was strongly urged to stop it by my guides and angels. They'd had enough and stepped in. Since that night I've been changing and learning my souls path. 
My gifts are many( here come those lLabels)

Other than seeing spirits I have all of the "claire's", am highly empathic, psychic and a shaman. I recently began and am attuned with reiki levels I-III. Can pull and send healing energy with ease. I call that ? sending bubbles as that's how I see them. 
My mission in life is to help as many souls as possible and fully develop as a healer. 
I love you all, thanks for reading my story! I'm excited to be here and help each and every one of you!! 
Nameste! Deanna Xoxo


Andrea Stepnowski

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Reiki levels I,II and III Master/teacher practitioner -Angelic Reiki -Crystal Reiki -Reiki with oils and herbs -Animal, Plant and Water source Reiki All above can be hands on or distant healing Aromatherapist includes -AromaTouch massage with doterra essential oils -create blends, elixirs tinctures and butters Angel Realm Reader via Doreen Virtue Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)Practitioner


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